Holiday Parent Time

One of the most complicated things parents have to deal with when they have a decree awarding parent time is what to do about the holidays. Most decrees state that holidays should be divided pursuant to Utah code section 30-3-35. But the language of section 30-3-35 is confusing, and it can be difficult to quickly figure out who has which holiday in which year.

The following chart is a quick reference for parents and service providers to help understand the standard holiday parent time for children over the age of 18 months, when both parents live within 150 miles of each other. This chart is not legal advice, and it is only intended as a broad overview of one section of the statute. Your decree may use a different schedule, and if you are in doubt, you can schedule an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys about your specific situation.

Holiday parent time for parents within 150 miles of each other
Utah Code ยง30-3-35 (2014)

Holiday Name Odd Years Even Years
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Noncustodial Custodial
President’s Day Custodial Noncustodial
Spring Break Noncustodial Custodial
Memorial Day Custodial Noncustodial
July 4 Noncustodial Custodial
July 24 Custodial Noncustodial
Labor Day Noncustodial Custodial
Fall Break Noncustodial Custodial
Columbus Day Custodial Noncustodial
Halloween Custodial Noncustodial
Veteran’s Day Noncustodial Custodial
Thanksgiving Custodial Noncustodial
First Half of Christmas Break Noncustodial Custodial
Second half of Christmas Break Custodial Noncustodial
Day before or after Child’s Birthday Noncustodial Custodial
Child’s Actual Birthday Custodial Noncustodial